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I’m cross-posting or linking to some older posts from my personal blog here because they are relevant to readers and I want to make them easier to find. This is one of them.

Cleaning Chart Images in Photoshop

I get asked a lot how to clean up chart pictures in Photoshop, so this post is probably way overdue. I learned this process from David Sibbet and I’m just passing it along. There are lots of other ways to do this; this is just one method, and it happens to use Photoshop. Some of the other ways are faster, and some maybe give better results, but they mostly involve esoteric software that nobody owns. Click any image for a larger view.

The Goal
The idea here is to take those dark, uneven photos of charts taken right after they’ve been drawn…

the original photo… bleh!

… and turn them into clean, bright images that look good on the computer and reproduce cleanly in print. (Okay, this one isn’t the best example, but it’ll do to illustrate the process.)


the finished image, much cleaner

Continue reading the post in its original location, where the formatting is better: Cleaning Chart Images in Photoshop (Ninmah Meets World).



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