Another Showcase Entry

One more entry for the showcase! Giulia was traveling when the original call went out, so her entry just came in this morning. Lucky thing, she got to go to Northern Voice 2011, unlike me! Take a look at the conference website to see more of Giulia’s work.

Looking through the Lens (digital graphic recording)

Giulia says: 

“I chose this one because Alan [Levine]’s sessions are very interesting and inspiring. I have been struggling to make my notes coherent but still very fun to draw, so this is the best example of my work where I have been completely engaged in the session but still manage to get most of the main points.

“I used Autodesk SketchBookPro on the iPad with a generic stylus.

“I am so thoroughly happy to even find out that drawing as a way of communicating is even a *thing* that other people do. I am taking great pleasure in not hiding the fact that I draw as a way of taking notes. I feel like I’ve found an affinity group after years of hiding my dark secret.

“I’ve been very surprised to find out how well I listen and pay attention now that I have something to keep me focused and on task. I’ve also been very flattered that many presenters will thank me for the notes and then even use the notes in their blog summaries afterwards. This is a whole new dynamic of interactivity and connection that I have never experienced before.”

Giulia carried on the iPad recording tradition that I started at Northern Voice 2010 (can I call it a tradition if it only happened once?), and she did it well. You can see some of her other pieces in her Flickr set. I love her illustrations!

I know what Giulia means about discovering that she doesn’t have to hide the ‘dark secret’ of visual notetaking. I used to get in trouble in school for drawing while I took notes. Now, I make a career out of it. Much better šŸ™‚
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