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Visual practitioners: showcase your work!

There is a wonderful depth and breadth of visual practice, and I’d love to showcase examples here from lots of practitioners. Interested in sharing your work?

What I’d really like is for you to share an image of something you’ve done that is particularly special to you, or that you feel you did really well, or that represents a challenge you’ve overcome or are working to overcome. So the whole piece doesn’t have to be your “best work” per se — it should be something that is creatively yours and shows off something you’re pleased with.

What to Send

I’m looking for images of work done on paper (large chart size or small notebook size) or digitally (iPad, graphics tablet, mouse… whatever). Please pick ONE image. If you have one large chart, one notebook sample, and one digital sample, you can send one of each. But please only send one of any one kind.

How to Get Me the Images

  1. Best way: Email me a link to a Flickr (or other online photo service) photo of the piece you want to share. I will include a thumbnail on the blog post and link to your larger image. Make sure the permissions are set for public view on your image.
  2. Next best way: Email me a copy of the picture, at least 600 pixels wide at 72 dpi. I’ll take care of the rest. The blog post will include a thumbnail linked to a larger copy of the image. 

What Else to Include

  1. I will only post images that can be properly attributed, so please be sure to send me your name (and the name of your practice if you want). 
  2. If you have a website, send me the link and I’ll link your name to your site in the post.
  3. Tell me why you picked this image — what does it say about your practice?
  4. Tell me what format it is — large chart on paper, notebook sized on paper, or digital. If digital, tell me what you used to create it (hardware/software).
  5. Anything else about the image or the process you used that you want to say.

Please note that by sending me a link or image you are giving me permission to post it on my blog, attributed totally to you of course. Please don’t send anything that’s client confidential (obviously!). This will be posted here on DigitalFacilitation.net. Your work doesn’t have to be digital to be included!

I’ll publish the post on Friday, May 20, so be sure to get me your work by Thursday, May 19 if you want to participate. Thanks!