My Services

I’m currently available for consulting work. Please reach out (rachel at digitalfacilitation dot net) if I can help in any of the areas below.

Meeting Design & Facilitation
I’m a visual facilitator who has worked with hundreds of groups both face-to-face and remotely. If you have a team that needs to solve a problem or make a tough decision, I’ll create and run a meeting that will give them the tools and space to achieve those outcomes. All my meetings are supported with graphic recording, either by me or by a partner consultant, so your team can see their work coming to life throughout the course of the session.

Agenda Design
Running your own meeting? I consult on an hourly basis to review your agenda and offer feedback and suggestions for making your meeting run more smoothly. I draw on more than 15 years’ experience and a broad toolkit to suggest activities, give you pro tips, and identify red-flag areas so you can host your best meeting ever.

Graphic Recording on Paper (detail, Rachel Smith)

Graphic Recording
When you want to raise engagement during keynotes, capture brainstorming sessions, get people working hands-on with their ideas, and create a permanent record of what they’ve accomplished, bring me in to work alongside your facilitator. I’ll engage with her during meeting planning to ensure that you’re getting the most from the visual capture at each stage along the way. At the moment, I’m only available for remote graphic recording, not face-to-face.

Team Performance Improvement
New team? Lots of turnover? Going through culture change? Whatever the reason, I can help your team make positive changes in alignment, workflow, and team interactions. I work with the team and its leader to develop a customized program for assessment and improvement that targets areas of improvement and builds on existing team strengths.

Digital Graphic Recording (Rachel Smith)

Visioning & Strategy
From top management all the way down to the front lines, I’ve helped hundreds of teams create inspiring future visions and lay out achievable strategic plans. I’ll help your group clarify where they want to go and how to get there, whether it’s a five-year vision for the entire organization or the next few months for a single team.

Custom Training at Your Location
I offer training in graphic facilitation, leading team performance improvement, running vision & strategy sessions, and remote facilitation. Contact me for options and detailed descriptions.