Sibbet & Smith on Virtual Visual Meetings

Penny Pullan, Director of Making Projects Work, interviewed me and David Sibbet last week about using visual practice in virtual meeting settings. The process was very cool — she collected questions from the 750 registrants for the Virtual Working Summit (it's free to register, so go check it out if you do remote meetings) and we selected a few to cover during the 45-minute interview. Then we all got on the phone with a Skype text backchannel, and did the interview. We're up on June 23. The way the conference works is that you can call in each day at whatever time suits you and hear the interview for that day.

Once it was done, I listened to the whole recording and took some iPad notes using Brushes. Here's a teaser image, but the full set of images and the 2-minute recording of them being drawn won't be released until the 23rd. Stay tuned!


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